Homo Says What?

Quotes Contractions

"Godzuntight!" JM July 2005

"I'm not proud that I drink in the morning. But I gotta get to fuckin' work!" Miles 6-30-05

"This beer is really rejuvinating!" Miles 7-1-05

"Sorry it took so long. I had to talk to my mom real quick!" Valerie 5-18-05

"I was in the mirror................DEEP!" JM Spring 2003

"You hit the nose on the head." Valerie 6-10-04

"Poison is the Led Zeppelin of our generation!" Z (1986?)

"That makes me wanna shake my rump maker." JM

"We washed the baby in the bathwater." Z

"Cut me into a mullet style!" Toodles

"I like bein' stupid. It don't bother me!" JM 6-3-04

"Where are you ridding it to?" Toodles

"Do you want a Doctor Diet Pepper?" Toodles

"We took the Bluick." Moe

"Don'tcha like how I conglomerate all my meals into one?" Z


"Orizer" - Or is there JM

"Anen" - and then Lisa Shutt

"Purtnear" - Pretty near

"Ountno" - I don't know

"Dope-n-tun-dial" - There's dope in the tuning dial