Gerbil Story email 1-9-2006

One of the neatest memories I have of you is when you were about five years
old.  We had gotten you a gerbil, and you had taken it out of the cage and
were holding it.  I was in another room and didn't know you had the gerbil
out.  I can't remember if your Mom was there or not.

Anyway, you held the gerbil up to your face to nuzzle it, and it bit you
right on the end of the nose.  I heard you crying and went into your bedroom
to see what was wrong.  You were sitting on the floor crying with a little
drop of blood on the end of your nose, softly holding the gerbil in your
hands.  I was impressed with your gentleness to this creature that had just
bitten you.  99% of kids that age would have dropped the gerbil or thrown it
away from themselves.  You just sat there holding it.