Daddy Mac email 1-9-2006

I never thought about it, but Dad was a bit like Foghorn Leghorn.  He was a
character alright.  He also had some tough things to overcome growing up.  I
don't know if I ever told you this, but his mother died when he was a baby,
about nine or ten months old.  His father had several older children, but
none of them was old enough to take care of a toddler - they were all in
grade school.  His father gave Dad to a cousin to raise, and he took their
name when he grew up.

When Dad and Mom went to get their marriage license, Dad's birth certificate
listed no name for him.  I don't know why they didn't name him at the time
of his birth, maybe because his mother was so ill, and they just didn't get
it on the birth certificate.  His actual family name was Popham, an English
name.  There are some Scotch-Irish Pophams too.

Anyway, he had to declare a legal name, so he took the name of his foster
parents, which is where the McFarlin name comes from.  His real father was
Joseph Benjamin Popham, and his foster father was Charles Geter (an old
southern name, pronounced jeeter, and sometimes spelled Jeter) McFarlin.
Dad took both of their first names and named himself Charles Joseph