Movie ReBrews
Frailty *** Hamm's Beer
Magnum Force *** Olympia Beer
(Grocery bag when mailbox explodes.)
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds * Schlitz Neon in bar window when signing card. Also Schlitz 6 pack bottles behind bar in restaurant.
se7en *** Brad Pitt enjoys PBR
Carrie ** John Tavolta Pabst Blue Ribbon
Tle Last House On The Left (1972) ** Rheingold Beer
Forrest Gump Falstaff
Apocalypse Now **** Schlitz
The Deer Hunter ** Stroh's, Duke, Iron City, Rolling Rock
Pabst, Schlitz, Colt 45
Rocky 3 *** Stroh's
The Breakfast Club
Old Style
Friday The 13th Part III in 3D
Biker drinks Olympia
Olympia Beer Truck
Motel Hell
Olympia Beer
Schlitz Blatz Pabst Oly & Hamms signs in the bar
Mississippi Burning
Rocky IV