X 1-1-2006

1. Brandston: Who Are You Now?
2. Live On Release: I'm Afraid of Britney Spears
3. Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia
4. The Caesars: It's Not The Fall That Hurts
5. Simple Plan: Shut Up!
6. H.I.M. : Wings of a Butterfly
7. Waltham: Back To You
8. Krystal Meyers: Fall To Pieces
9. Copeland: Pin Your Wings
10. Too Bad Eugene: Bad Guy
11. Sunday Driver: Faking
12. The Wired Band: Every Little Thing
13. Motion City Soundtrack: Indoor Living
14. U.S. Crush: Loser
15. Let Go: Somewhere
16. Five Speed: The Mess
17. Side Walk  Slam: All I Have
18. Injected: Burn it Black
19. Super Deluxe: Knockout
20. Junkyard: Simple Man (Acoustic)
21. Student Rick: Heaven is a Place on Earth