Summer Rock 2K3 Vol. 1

1. 3rd Strike: All Lies
2. Die Trying: Oxygen's Gone
3. The Ataris: Saddest Song
4. The Ataris: Boys of Summer
5. Diffuser: I Wonder
6. DoubleDrive: Imprint
7. Kickovers: Fake in Love
8. Mad at Gravity: Letter to Myself
9. Revis: Caught in the Rain
10. Riddlin Kids: Tina
11. Riddlin Kids: Here We Go Again
12. Riddlin Kids: I Feel Fine
13. 3 Doors Down: The Road I'm On
14. All American Rejects: The Last Song
15. Taking Back Sunday: Tell All Your Friends
16. Social Burn: Everyone
17. Velvet Revolver: Set Me Free