Memorial Day 2004
1. Velvet Revolver: Slither
2. Black Label Society: House of Doom
3. Thornley: So Far So Good
4. New Found Glory: All Downhill From Here
5. Atreyu: Lip Gloss and Black
6. Blink 182: Down
7. Crossfade: Cold
8. Earshot: Wait
9. Flaw: Recognize
10. Format: The First Single
11. Brides of Destruction: I Donít Care
12. The Killers: Somebody Told Me
13. Lit: Looks Like They Were Right
14. Local H: California Songs
15. Simon Says: Life Jacket
16. Simple Plan: Donít Wanna Think About You
17. Soil: Redefine
18. Taking Back Sunday: A Decade Under The Influence
19. A.F.I.: Bleed Black