July 2005 Rock Mix

1: Bowling For Soup: Ohio
2. The Starting Line: Bedroom Talk
3. Injected: Burn it Black
4. Fu Manchu: Ampn'
5. Avenge Sevenfold: Bat Country
6. Porcupine Tree: Shallow
7. Lockjaw: Belligerant
8. Egypt Central: You Make Me Sick
9. The New Pornographers: Chump Change
10. Skid Row: Forever
11. Full Devil Jacket: Wanna Be Martyr
12. Fingertight: Guilt (Hold Down)
13. CKY: Flesh Into Gear
14. Tony Iomi Featuring Billy Corgan: Black Oblivion
15. Mudvayne: Happy?
16. Mudvayne: Forget To Remember
17. The All-American Rejects: Dirty Little Secret
18. Eighteen Visions: I Let Go
19. GZR: Pardon My Depression
20. Letter Kills: Don't Believe